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We make sure the 'messaging' in your materials really says what you want it to and that your customers and partners will find it easy to understand.


We work on any native English re-writes required. Your message and information will be transmitted professionally, with ease - with a tone and character that works best.

Cultural Context

It's a minefield!... Idioms & figures of speech, nuance, imagery, cultural reference and cultural norms. But there's no need to worry. We will make sure you arrive in one piece!


Then we harmonise your material's visual communication with what's written - so the whole package delivers your message with ease, free of un-intentional conflicts.

About Us

Drawn to living in Krakow, we are a group of native English speakers and writers with a unique experience and skill set. We offer our abilities to you as Native Speaker Communications: crafting messages for Polish businesses so you can communicate in written English as fluently as a native speaker.


Native English speaker, writer and communications expert with 24 years in business - crafting communications for enterprise and entertainment. Finder of solutions.


Scotia is from Vancouver, Canada, where she graduated with first class honours in English literature. Now based in Krakow, she translates for many Polish cultural institutions and publishing houses. She knows Polish-English translation inside and out.


US English native speaker, blogger and proof-reader. At Native Speaker Communications Paul's focus is on new business development. Networker extraordinaire.


What Our Customers Say
Nick helped me to prepare a great business presentation. It ended up polished and in natural-sounding native English. We’d also figured out how to make the communication come across accurately and with impact. Now it sounds professional! I would definitely recommend working with him.


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Our Process – An Infographic

This infographic explains Native Speaker Communication’s process in an easy-to-absorb visual form. Until recently, our clients asked that all aspects above are applied when we review their written English material. Then a lawyer came and asked us to check the trademark defence document she’d put together for clarity and correctness. No problem! This process is straightforward to customise to each new client’s circumstances and goals. SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

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